Fast-switching gate driver ICs are an ideal motor inverter switch for electric vehicles (EV) or hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), taking direct current from the car’s battery and converting it into high-voltage, high-current energy to power the motor. Performance of gate driver ICs is directly connected to the performance of an electric vehicle.

Power Integrations SCALE-iDriver™ ICs for automotive applications (SID11xxKQ & SIC118xKQ) are AEC-Q100 qualified, ensuring functional safety while delivering the highest peak output current, enabling the product to drive IGBTs and MOSFETs up to 600 A (typical) without any additional active components.

Peak Output
Drive Current [A]
Max Transient
Isolation Voltage [V]
Creepage & Clearance
Distance [mm]
SID1132KQ2.5A @Ta=125°C80009.5
SID1181KQ8A @Ta=125°C60009.5
SID1182KQ8A @Ta=125°C80009.5
8A @Ta=125°C60009.5
SIC1182KQ8A @Ta=125°C80009.5

FluxLink™ Technology

Power Integrations’ innovative FluxLink lead-frame transformer technology ensures reinforced galvanic isolation between the primary and secondary sides, providing this ultra-safe and reliable insulation technology to the automotive industry for the first time.

The First Automotive Gate Driver to Support 5000m Altitude

With minimum 9.5mm creepage and clearance, (primary to secondary) SCALE-iDriver automotive chips are able to operate according to IEC60664-1 standards with reinforced isolation up to 5000m altitude by system voltage 531V.

Other Benefits

  • Advanced Soft shut down (ASSD) for short circuit turn off
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Under-voltage log out primary and secondary side
  • Integrated power and voltage management secondary side
  • Reduced Short Circuit current by VGE voltage control

Key Applications

  • General EV and HEV purposes
  • Electric vehicle power train
  • Electric vehicle on board chargers and charging stations