Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Connecting Gate Drivers

Which cables are recommended for plug-and-play drivers with electrical interface?

We at Power Integrations recommend to use twisted pair flat cable (e.g. 1700/20 or 2100/20 from 3M) to connect the gate driver to the controller stage.

Are there any requirements for the input and output signals for Power Integrations’ gate driver?

Depending on the actual application conditions it is recommended to add certain components in the input (INA, INB inputs) and/or output (SO1, SO2 outputs) loop of the gate driver; in particular when a long distance has to be bridged between the driver and controller stage. For details, please refer to Application Note AN-1101.

Which voltage levels for the PWM signals are recommended for Power Integrations’ drivers?

Power Integrations’ drivers are suitable for operation with PWM signals ranging from 3.3V to 15V logic. Depending on the actual application conditions different voltage levels are recommended. If for instance the gate driver and controller stage are located on the same PCB and separated by only a few centimeters 3.3V or 5V logic may be feasible. In application with a high noise level and/or using cables to connect the driver and controller stage 15V logic is recommended.
If voltage levels above 5V are selected for Power Integrations core drivers a voltage divider shall be places as close as possible at the inputs of the driver.
Please refer also to Application Note AN-1101.