PI Databook FAQs

PI Databook FAQs

What are the different document types available in the PI Databook?

1. Application Notes

Application notes are intended for engineers designing a power supply. They provide guidelines to enable an engineer to quickly select key components and also complete a suitable transformer design.

2. Product Data sheets

Data sheets summarize the performance and other technical characteristics of a product family.

3. Product Selector Guides

Each Product Selector Guide (PSG) outlines the PI products that are best suited for a particular application. Categories include: appliances, LED lighting, and high power AC-DC products.

4. Design Examples

The following are the different types of design examples.

  • Design Example Reports (DERs) contain a power supply design specification, schematic, bill of materials, transformer documentation, and pcb layout.
  • Reference Design Reports (RDRs) are design reports that are associated with a reference design kit (RDK). RDKs provide the essential materials to get started on power supply designs. All kits include samples, a fully functional reference board and complete documentation. You can order Reference Design Kits online, or through your local sales representative or distributor.
  • Design Ideas (DIs) are concise two-page documents describing a design for a specific application. Key design points are highlighted.
  • Engineering Prototype Reports (EPRs) contain a power supply reference design specification, schematic, bill of materials, transformer documentation, and pcb layout.

How do I share documents and videos?

With the document or video open, tap the share icon at the top of the page . This will open a window that will allow you to share via email, text, or a variety of social media channels

  • Share via email
  • Share to Twitter
  • Share to Facebook

Each choice will take you to the relevant application with the content pre-attached.

How do I switch languages?

To switch to a different language, go to Settings and choose Language. This will take you a screen with different language options. Tap the desired option and the app will reload in the new language.

How are documents downloaded?

Whenever you open a document, it is automatically saved to your Downloads list. The Downloads list shows items according to when they were saved, with the most recent first. The link to the Downloads list is at the bottom of the main screen.

When I do a search, how do I see all the results?

Depending on the number of results, you may only see one initial category on the results screen. To see the complete list, swipe to scroll down the screen.

What is Document Overview

PI Databook allows you to view multiple pages at a time in overview mode. This allows for easy location of a particular page without having to scroll through the entire doc. To view a document in overview mode, tap the icon of the four squares in the upper right corner of the page.

What are notes and comments?

Notes regard a particular section of a document whereas comments are used to refer to a document in its entirety.

How do I make notes in a document?

Once a document is open, you may make notes regarding a particular section. To do this, first tap on the notes icon at the top of the page . This will highlight the icon in blue. Once the note function is selected, you can make a note by tapping on the relevant part of the screen. This will drop a red pin in that location and launch a "New Note" pop-up window.

Make your note in the field provided and tap save.

Once you have added a note, the next time you open the document, tap the note icon and a red pin will appear on the page where any existing notes have been made. To view the note, tap on the pin. This will bring up a screen where you can read or delete your note.

How do I make comments in a document?

To make a comment regarding a document, tap on the comment icon at the top of the page . This will bring up the comment screen. After entering your comment, tap Save.

Once you have added a comment, the next time you tap the comment icon, the comment screen will display your comment in the Older Comments heading.

How does bookmarking work?

Bookmarks are used to identify pages of special interest. When you bookmark a page using the bookmark icon , the icon shows up on the relevant pages when the document is viewed in the document overview (see above).

How does the News Feed work?

The PI Databook News Feed sends you the latest blogs, press releases, events, and new design announcements in the format of your choice. To set up your news feed, go to Settings, choose News Feed and select from the following choices:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • RSS Feed

Your news feed should then start show in automatically in the format you chose.