Gate-Driver with Full Protection for SiC-MOSFET Modules
PCIM Asia June 2016
This paper is presenting an advanced method of full protection by the gate driver unit for a SiC-MOSFET module using its sense terminals. The presented test results are including fea-tures like an adjustable overcurrent and short-circuit detection together with a Soft Shut Down function and Active Clamping, which is reducing the occurring over-voltage spikes at turn-off actively.
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Advanced protection for large current full SiC-modules
PCIM Europe May 2016
This paper presents an advanced overcurrent detection and short circuit protection method for large current full-SiC modules using current sense source terminals. Test results obtained with a newly developed gate driver (for SiC modules) are presented and discussed herewith. This new driver incorporates overcurrent detection, soft-shut-down and active overvoltage clamping.
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Application of Gate Drivers for 3-Level NPC-2 Power Modules with Reverse Blocking IGBTs
PCIM Asia June 2014
3-level topologies are typically based on the classical neutral-point-clamped (NPC1) topology with four power switches (IGBT) per half-bridge and two additional clamping diodes. A variant of this topology is known as the NPC2 topology which uses two IGBTs per half-bridge and two IGBTs connected as a common collector configuration in the clamping path. This paper discusses these differences and provides proven solutions that enable standard gate drivers to be adapted for use in NPC2 topology designs with RB-IGBTs.
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SCALE™-2 IGBT Gate Drivers Ease the Design of Optimized Renewable Inverter Systems
Cover Story Bodo's Power Systems February 2014
The 2SP0325 IGBT gate driver allows New Mega Power Dual IGBT modules from Mitsubishi to be driven efficiently in solar and wind power applications. The driver facilitates compact and reliable power converter design thanks to its high level of integration and robustness to EMI, resulting in a flexible and ready-to-use solution.
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Using Advanced Active Clamping to facilitate simple, safe and reliable IGBT driving in multi-level topologies
Bodo's Power Systems October 2013
The Advanced Active Clamping (AAC) functionality implemented in CONCEPT’s SCALE™‑2 technology allows multi-level converter topology designs to be simply and safely driven. In the event of an IGBT short circuit, all IGBTs no longer have to be turned off in a dedicated sequence to avoid excessive IGBT collector-emitter voltages. Instead...
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Safe Driving of Multi-Level Converters Using Sophisticated Gate Driver Technology
PCIM ASIA June 2013
The Advanced Active Clamping (AAC) functionality implemented in CONCEPT’s SCALE-2 technology allows multi-level converter topology designs to be simply and safely driven. In the event of an IGBT short circuit, all IGBTs no longer have to be turned off ...
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SCALEable Compact 4.5kV Plug-and Play IGBT-Driver
Cover Story Bodo's Power Systems August 2012
High-voltage/high-current drivers are a vital element of power electrical systems. In power converter applications such as traction, HVDC, medium-voltage drives or renewables, the performance of the drivers plays a key part in the overall performance and efficiency of the complete system. A new development in IGBT drivers enables multiple IGBTs to be connected in parallel safely with no setting-up or fine-tuning required.
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Driving Zero Emissions by SCALE-2
Cover Story Bodo's Power Systems August 2011
CONCEPT has designed the most compact plug-and-play drivers on the market for the latest automotive IGBT modules from a range of manufacturers.
These designs demonstrate the outstanding capabilities of SCALE-2 technology in exploiting the full power of the challenging 650V IGBT modules dedicated to full electric
and hybrid electric vehicles, and clearly show the high potential of future developments in custom-specific chipset and gate drivers.
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Easy Parallel Connection of IGBT Modules at the Next SCALE Level
Cover Story Bodos's Power Systems May 2010
A Unified Direct Paralleling Approach Applied to IGBT Voltage Classes 1.2 to 6.5kVThe SCALE-2 implementation of high-voltage and high-power IGBT gate drivers offers competitive advantages such as a dramatically reduced component count, exceptional cost performance and wide application and topology diversity: from single-switch to parallel connection within multi-level converters for industry and traction applications, renewable energy and HVDC power transmission.
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SCALE-2 Simplifies Custom-Specific Solutions
Bodos's Power Systems February 2010
The highly integrated SCALE-2 chipset allows the time-to-market, development effort andproduction cost of custom-specific IGBT gate drivers to be dramatically reduced. As anexample, the new 2SD300C17 is presented that is compatible with the 2ED300C17 fromInfineon in mechanical, functional and parametric terms. The chipset has been developedon the basis of two independent semiconductor processes (true second source) whileretaining full functional and parametric compatibility. The SCALE-2 implementationoffers competitive advantages such as exceptional cost performance, long-term availabilityand tried-and-tested SCALE technology.
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Advantages of Advanced Active Clamping
Power Electronics Europe Decembre 2009
Power semiconductor manufacturers are offering IGBT modules with ever greater power densities. The limit is represented by the maximum power loss that can be dissipated; optimization criteria are the packaging technology as well as the conduction and switching losses of the semiconductor chips. The high current density of the modules together with high switching speeds place increased demands on the driving circuits, both in normal switching operation and under overload conditions. Advanced Active Clamping switching technology offers a solution showing how modern high-power IGBTs can be better utilized.
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Intelligent Paralleling
Bodos's Power Systems March 2009
Anew approach to paralleling IGBT modules with individual drivers. A gate driver for PrimePACKTM IGBTs designed for high item numbers allows optimal driving of individual and parallel-connected modules. This makes it possible for the first time to construct converter series with both single modules and parallel-connected IGBTs practically with no additional development effort.
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For high-performance cost-effective solutions
Power Systems Design Europe October 2009
With the uncompromising integration of IGBT drive and protection functions as well as DC/DC control and signal transition, a new generation of reliable and cost-effective IGBT driver solutions is born. The resulting smart IGBT gate driver construction helps to economize price-sensitive external components. The total system cost is thus significantly reduced.
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Highly Flexible and Low-Cost Gate Driver Cores for up to 3.3kV

Bodos's Power Systems June 2009
The highly integrated SCALE-2 chipset allows advanced gate driver core functions to be combined with high application flexibility at low cost. Its competitive advantages of exceptional cost performance and long-term availability options will strongly impact the make-or-buy analysis of this class of gate-drive components.
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Gate Drivers for High Performance and Low Cost
Power Electronics Europe Mai 2009
Cost and performance are two fundamental cornerstones of any power system component. In the case ofthe gate drive module, the cost performance ratio strongly influences the make-or-buy decision for thatsmall, yet crucial building block.
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Speed and Precision in Gate Drives
Power Systems Design Europe December 2008
High-power gate driver controls MOSFET switches up to 500kHz
Modern power semiconductors allow switching schemes that would have been unthinkable even ten years ago. Conventional MOSFETs, COOLMOS devices and prospective compound semiconductor switches are constantly pushing the limits of power density and switching frequency. Only a dedicated gate driver allows the full potential of today’s most advanced power switches to be exploited.
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Optimised Utilization of IGBTs y Plug-and-Play Drivers
Power Electronics Europe September 2008
The extremely compact and high-performance IGBTs of the PrimePACKTM series from Infineon Technologies AG enable scalable power converter system solutions optimised for various industrial drives, windmills, elevators, traction and auxiliary drives. SCALE-2 IGBT drivers make a perfect match for scaling power and controlled efficiency.
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