Dual-Channel SCALE™-1 Driver Core

Proven SCALE™-1 Technology
Drives IGBTs from 600 V to 3.3 kV / up to 800 A

This is an active product that is not recommended for new designs.
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The 2SD315AI series comprises 2-channel SCALE-1 driver cores for IGBTs up to 1700 V (optionally to 3300 V). Its gate current capability of ± 15A is optimized for IGBTs from 200 A to typically 800 A. The two drive channels feature electrical isolation between the control electronics and the power section. The gate voltage is 0 / +15 V or ±15 V.

Each channel is equipped with a programmable Vce-monitoring function for protection against short circuit and overcurrent.

The driver is equipped with the award-winning CONCEPT SCALE-1 driver chipset and can be operated in two modes: either with two independent driver channels or as a half-bridge driver with internal dead-time generation.

The integrated electrically-isolated DC/DC converter supplies a drive power of 3 W per channel.

Highest Reliability
SCALE-1 drivers have been established as an industrial standard since 1999, and the 2SD315AI has been proven in numerous industrial and traction applications.

Do not use the 2SD315AI-25 or 2SD315AI-33 for new designs. Please use the 2SC0535T for new designs.

Key Features

  • Suitable for IGBTs up to 3300V
  • Interface with 5V...15V logic level
  • Schmitt-trigger inputs
  • Short-circuit and overcurrent protection
  • Supply undervoltage lockout
  • Isolated DC/DC converter
  • Signal transformer isolation
  • Isolated status feedback
  • Reliable, long service life

Data Sheets

Driver Description Status* (V) (A) Manufacturer
2SD315AI UL Archived 1700 Any
2SD315AI Archived 1700 Any
2SD315AI-25 Obsolete 2500 Any
2SD315AI-33 Archived 3300 Any


Application Notes