Single-Channel SCALE™-1 Plug-and-Play Driver

Drives IGBTs from 4.5 kV to 6.5 kV / 200 A to 1200 A
Proven SCALE™-1 Technology
Active Clamping provides optimum protection

This is an active product that is not recommended for new designs.
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1SD210F2 single-channel, plug-and-play IGBT drivers are compact, high-performing and intelligent. They support 2-level, 3-level and multilevel converters and have been designed to precisely and reliably drive 4500 V to 6500 V IGBT modules while delivering optimum protection.

1SD210F2 drivers are based on CONCEPT's sophisticated SCALE-1 driver chipset. Devices are fully equipped with protection functions including: Vce-monitoring for short-circuit protection; operation inhibit after fault; and supply undervoltage shut down.

1SD210F2 series drivers feature an active clamping function, offering rugged and high-performance protection for costly IGBTs.
Operating the gates with a bipolar control voltage (typically ±15 V) allows the IGBT modules to be driven reliably with a high level of immunity to interference.

Fiber-optic Interface Options
Fiber-optic links are used for the electrical insulation of the command and status-feedback signals. Both straight and lateral oriented Versatile Links and ST Links are available. For details, please check the product documentation.

Power supply and electrical insulation
In contrast to the other SCALE-1 plug-and-play products, 1SD210F2 family drivers are modular with the driver card and power supply (DC/DC converter) provided as two separate units.

Because of this modular concept, any driver unit that has been developed to match a specific IGBT module can be used for any required insulation specifications. Only the power supply must be chosen or adjusted for the specific application.

Therefore, drivers for IGBTs from 3.3 to 6.5 kV can be implemented in 2-level, 3-level and multi-level inverter topologies. 

The driver unit is mounted directly onto the IGBT module using three screws. The power supply is attached separately, but close to the IGBT.

Go to ISO3116I power supply for 1SD210F2 drivers.

Key Features

  • 2-level, 3-level and multilevel topologies
  • ±15V gate driving
  • Active clamping function
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Supply undervoltage lockout
  • Signal fiber-optic link
  • Fiber-optic status feedback
  • Reliable, long service life
  • External DC/DC converter

Basic Schematic

Data Sheets

Driver Description Status* (V) (A) Manufacturer
1SD210F2-FZ400R65KE3 Archived 4500 1200 ABB
1SD210F2-FZ250R65KE3 Archived 6500 250 Infineon
1SD210F2-FX200R65KF1 Archived 6500 200 Infineon
1SD210F2-CM200HG-130H Archived 6500 200 Mitsubishi/Powerex
1SD210F2-FX200R65KF2 Archived 6500 200 Infineon
1SD210F2-FX400R65KF1 Archived Infineon
1SD210F2-FX400R65KF2 Archived Infineon
1SD210F2-5SNA0400J650100 Archived 6500 400 ABB
1SD210F2-5SNA0600G650100 Archived 6500 600 ABB
1SD210F2-FZ600R65KF1 Archived 6500 600 Infineon
1SD210F2-FZ600R65KF2 Archived 6500 600 Infineon
1SD210F2-5SNA0750G650300 Archived 6500 750 ABB
1SD210F2-5SNA1200G450300 Archived 4500 1200 ABB
1SD210F2-CM600HG-130H Archived 6500 600 Mitsubishi/Powerex
1SD210F2-CM900HG-90H Archived 4500 900 Mitsubishi/Powerex
1SD210F2-FZ500R65KE3 Archived 6500 500 Infineon
1SD210F2-FZ600R65KE3 Archived 6500 600 Infineon
1SD210F2-FZ750R65KE3 Archived 6500 750 Infineon
1SD210F2-MBN750H65E2 Archived 6500 750 Hitachi


Application Notes