Single-Channel SCALE™-2 Plug-and-Play for 4.5kV IGBTs

Compact Driver for 4.5kV IGBT modules
SCALE™-2 Technology
Direct Paralleling Supported by Master/Slave Drivers
This product is available with Conformal Coating


Key Benefits

Proven high performance of this most compact gate driver solution for 4.5kV IGBT’s with 6kV isolation.


The new 1SP0340 SCALE-2 Plug-and-Play driver is specifically designed for the reliable and safe driving of 130 x 140 mm and 190 x 140 mm IGBT modules with 6000 V isolation voltage and 4.5 kV blocking voltage. It is optimized for high-reliability applications in the rail industry. 

The driver concept relies on a master/slave principle that enables parallel-connected IGBT modules to be operated safely. The master (1SP0340V) can be used as a stand-alone driver without slave to drive a single IGBT module, or with up to three slaves (1SP0340D) to drive up to four parallel-connected IGBT modules.
The master is equipped with a fiber-optic interface and global fault management. In master/slave configurations, the slaves are connected to the master via a bus cable which distributes the common command signal and the secondary-side supply voltages from the DC/DC converter. 

The 1SP0340 driver is based on CONCEPT's highly-integrated SCALE-2 chipset which enables high-performance, complete and extremely-compact single-channel IGBT drivers. 

The SCALE-2 chipset also reduces the component count by 80% when compared to conventional solutions, thus significantly increasing reliability and reducing costs.
1SP0340 drivers are equipped with Dynamic Advanced Active Clamping (DA2C), short-circuit protection, regulated turn-on gate driving voltage and supply-voltage-monitoring. 

Tightly-matched driver versions are available for all mechanically-compatible IGBT modules. Plug-and-play capability enables immediate operation after mounting, and the user needs to invest no effort adjusting or designing-in the driver for a specific application.

Fiber-Optic Interface Options
Fiber-optic links are used to electrically isolate the command and status-feedback signals.

For details, please check the product documentation.

Power supply and electrical isolation

In contrast to other SCALE-2 plug-and-play drivers, the 1SP0340 driver is modular, so the driver card and power supply (ISO5125I DC/DC converter) are two separate units. This means that any driver that has been developed to match a specific IGBT module can be used for any required isolation specification. Only the separate power supply (ISO5125I) must be selected to match the specific application. A further benefit is that drivers for 4.5 kV IGBTs can be implemented in 2-level, 3-level and multi-level inverter topologies. 

The driver is mounted directly onto the IGBT module using three screws. The separate power supply unit is attached close by the IGBT. For parallel-connected drivers, only one power supply is needed per switch.

Key Features

  • Blocking voltages of 4500V
  • Fibre-optic interfaces
  • +15V (regulated)/-10V gate driving
  • Direct paralleling of IGBTs
  • 2-level and multilevel topologies
  • Dynamic IGBT short-circuit protection
  • Dynamic Advanced Active Clamping DA2C
  • Supply under-voltage lockout
  • Gate monitoring
  • Creepage and clearances acc. to IEC 60077-1
  • UL compliant
  • Superior EMC
  • Reliable, long service life

Basic Schematic

Data Sheets

Driver Description Status* (V) (A) Manufacturer
1SP0340V2M-CM1500HC-90XA Single-Channel IGBT Driver Active 4500 1500 Mitsubishi
1SP0340x2x0-MG900GXH1US53 Single-Channel IGBT Driver Active 4500 900 Toshiba
1SP0340x2x0-MBN900D45A Single-Channel IGBT Driver Active 4500 900 Hitachi
Conformal Coated Version
Single-Channel IGBT Driver Active 4500 1200 Infineon
1SP0340x2x0-CM1200HC-90RA Single-Channel IGBT Driver Active 4500 1200 Mitsubishi
1SP0340x2xx-45 Single-Channel IGBT Driver Active 4500 Any


Application Notes

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