SCALE-iDriver IC Family

Power Integrations talks about SCALE-iDriver

The SCALE-iDriver™ Family of gate driver ICs, optimized for driving both IGBTs and MOSFETs, are the first products to bring Power Integrations’ pioneering FluxLink™ magneto-inductive bi-directional communications technology to 1200 V and 1700 V driver applications. FluxLink technology eliminates the need for short-lived opto-electronics and the associated compensation circuitry, thereby enhancing operational stability while reducing system complexity. In addition to combining industry-leading isolation technology, the new gate drivers incorporate advanced system safety and protection features commonly found in medium- and high-voltage applications, further enhancing product reliability. The innovative eSOP package features 9.5 mm of creepage and a (Comparative Tracking Index) CTI = 600, ensuring substantial operating voltage margin and high system reliability.