Gate Driver for 1.2 kV to 3.3 kV IGBT & SiC Dual-Channel Power Modules

Ready-to-use gate driver system (IMC + MAGs)
Easy paralleling of up to 4 modules
Factory conformal coating


Key Benefits

The SCALE-iFlex™ gate driver family consists of a central Isolated Master Control (IMC) 2SI0400T2xxC and up to four Module Adapted Gate Drivers (MAGs) 2SM0120D2xxC together with a cable set. The IMC is designed for operation of power modules with a blocking voltage of up to 3300 V, whereas the MAGs are available in variants optimized for power modules from different suppliers and with various device technologies in the 3300 V voltage class.

SCALE-iFlex enables easy paralleling of up to four power modules1 providing high flexibility and system scalability with minimum development. Integrated NTC temperature and DC-link voltage signals, protected by reinforced isolation, replace discrete system level sensors.

Note: 1. Please contact your local PI representative for information on paralleling more than four power modules.


Product Portfolio

Isolated Master Control

ProductVoltage ClassGate Power
2SI0400T2A1C-333300V2 x 4 W

Module Adapted Gate Driver

ProductPower Module TechnologyVoltage ClassCurrent ClassPackagePower Mdule Supplier
2SM0120D2C0C-FMF750DC-66ASiC-MOSFET3300 V750 ALV100Mitsubishi

SCALE-iFlex Cable

IMCC61-050-1IMC to MAGMolex connector, Milli-Grid6500 mm
IMCC81-050-1IMC to MAGMolex connector, Milli-Grid8500 mm
MAGC61-015-1MAG to MAGMolex connector, Milli-Grid6150 mm
MAGC81-015-1MAG to MAGMolex connector, Milli-Grid8150 mm

Key Features

Highly Integrated, Compact Footprint

  • Ready-to-use gate driver solution optimized for power modules from 1200 V to 3300 V blocking voltage
  • Supports IGBT, Hybrid (Si-IGBT/SiC-Diode) and Full-SiC MOSFET power modules
  • Dual-channel gate driver optimized for paralleling up to 4 power modules
  • Electrical primary-side interface with reinforced isolation
  • Wide input supply voltage range +15 V to + 48 V
  • - 40 °C to + 85 °C operating ambient temperature

Protection and Safety Features

  • Undervoltage lock-out (UVLO) protection for primary-side (low-voltage side) and secondary-side (high-voltage side)
  • Short-circuit protection with Advanced Soft Shut Down (ASSD)
  • NTC temperature sensing with reinforced isolation of digital output signal (PWM-coded)
  • DC-link voltage measurement with reinforced isolation of digital output signal (PWM-coded)
  • Double-sided conformal coating

Full Safety and Regulatory Compliance

  • 100% production partial-discharge testing
  • 100% production Hipot isolation testing
  • Reinforced isolation in accordance with EN 50124-1 and IEC 61800-5-1

Basic Schematic

Data Sheets

Driver Description Status* (V) (A) Manufacturer
SCALE-iFlex Data Sheet
Gate Driver for 1.2 kV to 3.3 kV IGBT & SiC Dual Power Modules
Dual-Channel Gate Driver. Data Sheet describes 2SI0400T2xxC (IMC) and 2SM0120D2xxC (MAG) products. Active 3300 750 Mitsubishi