Industry-leading IGBT-Drivers


Power Integrations is the worldwide technology and market leader in mid and high power drivers. Using highly-integrated, proprietary SCALE™ technologies, Power Integrations' gate drivers employ 85% fewer components than other commonly available devices. Our products use the latest technology to deliver high functionality and quality, providing best-in-class performance.

Gate Driver Cores

Power Integrations’ IGBT Gate Driver Cores incorporate driver functions including galvanic isolation, protection functions, DC-DC converter etc on board, presenting designers with a complete yet extremely flexible system solution. IGBT driver cores are available with blocking voltage capabilities from 600 V – 6500 V and output power from 1 W to 20 W per channel. They are also suitable for driving wide band gap devices based on emerging materials such as galliumnitride (GAN) and Silicon Carbide MOSFET (SiC MOSFET) at frequencies at up to 500 kHz.

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Plug-and-Play Drivers

Plug-and-play products are complete, ready-to-use IGBT drivers that have been tightly-matched to a specific IGBT module. Drivers are available to cover a large selection of high-power and high voltage IGBT modules with reverse voltages from 600 V to 6500 V. All plug-and-play drivers are equipped with DC/DC converters; short-circuit protection; advanced active clamping or dynamic advanced active clamping; supply monitoring; gate voltage regulator, soft start and more.

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SCALE-iDriver IC Family

The SCALE-iDriver™ Family of gate driver ICs, optimized for driving both IGBTs and MOSFETs, are the first products to bring Power Integrations’ pioneering FluxLink™ magneto-inductive bi-directional communications technology to 1200 V and 1700 V driver applications. FluxLink technology eliminates the need for short-lived opto-electronics and the associated compensation circuitry, thereby enhancing operational stability while reducing system complexity. In addition to combining industry-leading isolation technology, the new gate drivers incorporate advanced system safety and protection features commonly found in medium- and high-voltage applications, further enhancing product reliability. The innovative eSOP package features 9.5 mm of creepage and a (Comparative Tracking Index) CTI = 600, ensuring substantial operating voltage margin and high system reliability.

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