Dual-Channel SCALE-1 Plug-and-Play Driver for EconoDual IGBT Modules

可驱动1.2 kV到1.7 kV / 150 A到450 A的IGBT

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2SD316EI compact, plug-and-play, dual-channel SCALE IGBT drivers are designed to suit all EconoDUALTM modules. They are based on CONCEPT?s proprietary SCALE chipset, a proven technology that enables reliable driving and safe operation of IGBTs. Drivers are fully equipped with protection functions such as Vce-monitoring for short-circuit protection, operation inhibit after fault and supply-under-voltage shutdown.

2SD316EI drivers supply a gate current of +16A/-6A. Operating the gates with a bipolar control voltage (typically ±15V) allows IGBT modules to be driven reliably with high immunity to interference.

2SD316EI drivers feature an active clamping function - the most rugged and high-performance way to protect costly IGBTs.

An on-board DC/DC converter provides a self-contained, isolated 3W per channel power supply.

The electrical interface (DIC20) operates with a 15V logic level to ensure high noise immunity.

2SD316EI drivers support two independent driver channels or a half-bridge with internal dead-time generation.

Standard EconoDUAL™ modules cover several voltage and current ratings. Some driver parameters must, therefore, be matched to the relevant module. This is achieved by using a separate Base Board which is assembled and fully tested by CONCEPT. Because is only uses standard through-hole components it can be easily adjusted by the user to fit special requirements and applications.

The Base Board contains all gate resistors, gate-clamping and active-clamping diodes (overvoltage protection) as well as the diodes for the collector-sense function (surgecurrent and short-circuit protection). It also carries the components that are necessary for setting the turn-off trip level and the response time. The Base board can be soldered directly onto the IGBT module. The 2SD316EI driver is simply mounted on top of the relevant Base board using spacer bolts.

SCALE drivers have been established as an industrial standard since 1999. They have been tried and tested in many industrial and traction applications. The calculated MTBF according to MIL Hdbk 217F is 10 million hours at 40degC. According to field data, the actual reliability is even higher.


  • 适用于1700V以内的IGBT
  • 接口可识别5V...15V的逻辑电平
  • 信号输入端具备施密特特性
  • 适用于两电平拓扑
  • ±15V门极驱动电压
  • 有源钳位功能
  • 短路和过流保护功能
  • 电源欠压保护功能
  • 隔离的DC/DC电源
  • 信号通过变压器隔离
  • 隔离的状态反馈
  • 性能可靠,工作寿命长



Driver 产品描述 Status* IGBT Voltage (V) IGBT Ic (A) 生产厂商
2SD316EI-12 with DB01-FF150R12ME3G Archived 1200 150 Infineon
2SD316EI-12 with DB01-FF225R12ME3 Archived 1200 225 Infineon
2SD316EI-12 with DB01-FF300R12ME3 Archived 1200 300 Infineon
2SD316EI-12 with DB01-FF450R12ME3 Archived 1200 450 Infineon
2SD316EI-12 with DB01-FF450R12ME4 Archived 1200 450 Infineon
2SD316EI-17 with DB01-FF150R17ME3G Archived 1700 150 Infineon
2SD316EI-17 with DB01-FF300R17ME3 Archived 1700 300 Infineon
2SD316EI-17 with DB01-FF450R17ME3 Archived 1700 450 Infineon